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The Story of Redemption

The Story of Redemption

by Ellen G. White [1827-1915]


In the mid-nineteenth century Ellen White experienced a series of visions concerning “the great controversy of the ages between Christ and Satan.”  These visions inspired a small work entitled Spiritual Gifts, which was later expanded into a four-volume work, The Spirit of Prophecy. Later this material was further amplified and published in the five-volume Conflict of the Ages series.

The Story of Redemption contains the heart of The Spirit of Prophecy, with additional material. In chronological order it covers God’s dealings with humanity from the primordial fall of Lucifer to the new earth, with behind-the-scenes glimpses often supplying details not found in Scripture.

The first five chapters of the book have been included on this website, with highlighted texts referring to God (yellow) and His only begotten Son (green) or both (orange).


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